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There is a time coming when the faithful will not be able to "buy or sell" it would be a good idea to be completely out of debt before then.

Now is the Time to Get out of Debt
We don't encourage anyone to get into debt, or use credit cards to purchase items unless you can pay the balance off each month. Some times you can get discounts or airline miles for using certain credit cards. We have a credit card that gives us miles and another that gives us a cash rebate on purchases.

However, for those already carrying balances, it can sometimes be helpfult to combine debts of higher interest rate credit cards into newer 0 interest credit cards. This will buy you some interest free time to pay off the cards as fast as possible. It is important to read an understand the fine print of any credit card or loan.

Tips For getting out of Debt:
Tip#1 - Be faithful to God in tithes and offerings and ask for His help. He can change your situation for better or for worse quicker than all your scheming.

Tip#2 - Realize that it is ok to have to struggle to get out of debt, these difficult measures you will have to take to get out of debt will help you not get into debt again later.

Tip#3 - There is no Free Lunch - beware of anything or any company that promises something that sounds too good to be true,

Tip#4 - ALWAYS read the fine print of any credit card or school loan aggreement.

Tip#5 - Talk your ideas over with respected authority figures in your life, who are also out of debt.

Tip#6 - When consolidating loans, besure to compare apples with apples, i.e. interest rates and terms, sometimes you can be presented with a so called "solution" that really doesn't help you that much, it may look like your payments are lower, but in reality the term to pay of the loan has gone up and you really haven't saved that much in interest.

Tip#7 - Think twice about taking money out of the equity of your home to pay off credit cards. I used to work for one of the most famous home equity loan consolidation companies, most of the customers had good intentions, when paying off their credit cards with money from their homes but many soon had large balances on their cards again.

Tip#8 - Cut out areas of spending that are unneccesary, cable TV, long distance phone, gifts on the holidays, new clothes, all these are luxuries that you can add back if you feel you need them after you are out of debt.

More Tips on getting out of debt coming soon!

When we find some good deals on low and 0 interest rate credit card offers we will post them here. In the mean time start paying off your cards, generally the highest rate card should be paid off first. However, sometimes paying off a card that has a lower balance, even though the rate is not high is helpful because you can see that you are making progress.

"And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him." Genesis 5:24